What is a Trunk Show?

You’re seen the posts and the excitement and the buzz circling this event called a “Trunk Show” but what even is it?

Contrary to what you’d typically think, a Trunk Show isn’t a fashion show or open event. It’s simply means that the designer has sent us gowns from the newest collection for our brides to try on and there are additional discounts.

Typically for a Mariee Trunk Show brides will recieve:

10% off an ordered wedding dress

20% off accessories with gown purchase

$150 accessory gift card with gown order to be used at the Trunk Show

When a new collection comes out from a designer the stores “pick up” a select number of styles. For example, say a designer releases 15 new styles, a store will typically choose 8-10 to have in their store due to rail space and needs. When there’s a Trunk Show, the designer sends the remaining gowns for the brides to see during a particular weekend.

This allows you to see styles that you might not have otherwise.

Appointments are required for these events and you still receive the same attention and care with an individual suite and trained stylist to help you.

To see when our next trunk show will be call the store at (480) 946-4343 or check us out on social media at @marieebridalscottsdale !

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