The Separates Shop

thumbnail-3When working with brides, we often hear the common problem of, “I wish I could put the top of this dress on the skirt of that dress,” and vice versa. Before, there would be the option to customize the gown in hopes that your dream can be obtained, or to compromise and just go with another dress. Now, however, we have the option of the separates shop at Mariee Bridal, where you can mix and match a top and shirt to create your own, unique style!


What items are in the separates shop?

    Corsets – structured tops that can either be strapless or have straps.

    Bodysuits – resembling a one-piece swimsuit, made with illusion and detailed embellishments.

    Jackets – Obtaining sleeves ranging from cap to full length. Can stand alone or go over a corset for more structure.

    Skirts – ranging from fitted to full, with different styles and silhouettes giving the bride many options to choose from.

What to know about the separates shop:

    1. The corsets are not crop-tops, although we can absolutely alter them to be. The bottoms of the corsets extend underneath the skirt and are often shortened once the two pieces are sewn together.

    2. The pieces are designed to be sewn together to create a full gown, although you can leave them as separate pieces if you choose. You can either have the gown sewn together with the designer for an additional fee when ordering, or you can choose to have them sewn together in alterations with a seamstress. With a seamstress, you can also customize the pieces to allow them to blend better. See our “Alterations” page on our website for more details.


    3. The pieces can be ordered in different colors as to match each other.

    4. You can choose one top and have two different skirts for the ceremony and reception. Or vice versa.

    5. Much like a normal gown, you will try on the samples available in the store, and then we will take your measurements and order you new pieces. As they are made to order and not made to measure, alterations will still be necessary as they would be on a regular gown. The pieces also come separately if not specifically requested to be sewn together with the designer.

    Mariee is one of the only bridal shops in Arizona to carry the separates shop, and we are so honored and excited to help our brides create their dream gown right here in the store. For more information on us please see our website at!

Real Mariee Brides and their separates creations:

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