What is a “Sample Sale”?

A sample sale is when we sell some of our floor models as “sample gowns” to make room for more styles that will be coming in. It’s a great opportunity for a bride to purchase a gown off-the-rack at a discounted price.

Here’s how it works:

We have one of each gown in the store which we use to display as floor models for brides to try on. If a gown is in the sample sale the tag will be marked to reflect this. You will then have the option to purchase that exact gown, the floor model that you are trying on, at a discounted price rather than ordering a new one. Some gowns are available only as a sample, if that style is no longer being made by the designer, and some styles are available to order as new if you prefer. Not all gowns in the store are available to purchase as samples, but many are.

Do I need an appointment?

If you are planning to attend one of our sample sales we suggest making an appointment by calling the store at (480) 946-4343 so that we can reserve a dressing room and a stylist for you.

Appointments are usually two hours long, and we suggest 2-3 guests as maximum to join you.

What sizes are the samples?

Most of our floor models are a bridal size 10, which for a lot of designers is closer to a street size 4-6. We also have samples in our curve collection at run a bridal size 18-20. Gowns can be altered to fit by taking them in on the side seams, making the gown several size smaller if need be. At you appointment your consultant can give you advise you on what can and cannot be done in alterations. We have a list of recommended seamstresses that can alter your gown.

What if the sample needs to be cleaned or repaired?

Once you have chosen your gown we walk through a full inspection with you and your guests. This is where we will point out and talk you through anything that needs repairing or cleaning and what the next steps are. We will absolutely let you know if there is something irreparable on the gown, but as we take good care of our floor models, most issues are minor and can be easily fixed. Again, we have a list of skilled seamstresses that can alter and repair any damages your gown.

Most sample sale gowns will need dry cleaning to freshen them up to be wedding day ready. We will recommend you three different credible dry cleaners that are accustom to working with bridal gowns. Since the gown is sold at a discounted price, the cost of the dry cleaning and repair is the customer’s responsibility.

Which samples are in the sale?

Not all of the styles in the store are in our sample sale. Some of the styles are too new for us to include in the sample sale and some floor models do not belong to us – they are sometimes on loan from the designer so we are not able to sell them off the rack.
If you have a certain style or designer in mind let us know and we will do our best to assist you, but please bear in mind that quite often we do not know until the night before the event all of the gowns that will be in the sample sale.

What discounts are given on the samples?

It really depends on a number of factors, such as how old a style is and what condition it is in. Generally most samples in the sale will be anywhere from 10%-40% off. Occasionally there will be some styles that are discounted more than this. Labels will be clearly marked to show the percentage off.

Can you hold a sample?

Unfortunately we are not able to hold any sale merchandise. We suggest that if you are planning to come to one of our sample sales that you come ready to find the dress. If you do find “the one” we will do a full inspection with you as outlined above, and you will be paying for the gown and taking it away with you that day.

How do I pay for my sample gown?
Sample gowns must be paid in full on the day. We accept cash or credit card, but not check.

Can you store my gown after I have purchased it?
Once the sample gown is paid for it is your property and cannot be left at the store for insurance reasons. You will need to be prepared to take it away with you the same day. You are welcome to come back to the store to do fittings with the seamstresses that we recommend and they will have their own separate insurance.

When is your next sample sale?
We hold a couple of store wide sample sales a year, but we always have a good selection in the store of samples that can be bought off the rack year round. Please call us on 480 946 4343 for details.

Additional questions?
Please call us on 480 946 4343 so that we can assist you further.

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