What is a preview show?


A preview show is when a designer chooses a store to show their latest designs that are not in the collection yet, meaning that the brides at attend will be the first to ever see these new styles. Some of the designs make it into the final collection, and some do not, either way, the designer will still make the pieces that the brides at the preview show order. So who knows, you may even end up with a one-off style that nobody else will have!

Here are some of the detail that brides can expect for a preview show:

  • These never before seen gowns will be in the store the weekend of the preview show only.
  • If you find your gown at the preview show, ORDER IT NOW. Not all of the gowns that will be featured will make it into the final collection so this may be the only time to order it.
  • Although we regularly allow photos to be taken in the store, the gowns that are a part of the preview show cannot be photographed. We respectfully ask that customers do not take photos of these gowns.
  • Delivery on preview styles takes 6 months.
  • There will be a 10% discount on preview gowns ordered at the show.

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